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Extra virgin olive oil obtained mainly from olives of the Bella di Cerignola variety and to a lesser extent of the Coratina variety


Net weight: 100 ml

Total weight: 270 g


  • Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained from olives pressed with a continuous cycle plant with cold extraction, at a temperature not exceeding 27 ° C. The extraction takes place directly from the olives and solely by mechanical means. The oil thus obtained, unfiltered, is temporarily stored in special containers, away from heat sources and light, in order to allow its natural settling. After decanting, Bella di Cerignola extra virgin olive oil is mixed with Coratina extra virgin olive oil and packaged in bottles and cans. This guarantees the consumer a safe product, with constant organoleptic, olfactory and visual characteristics for a period of eighteen months.

  • Store in a cool, dry place, avoiding heat sources.

    Suitable as a condiment for delicate dishes, based on white meats and fish.


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