A part of the company complex of Santo Stefano is used as museum of industrial archeology.

By appointment you can visit the antique cellars, the old mill, the rooms where the table olives were processed and those used for the production of tobacco.

During the visit, besides the beautiful and impressive architectural structure, you can admire the antique equipment for wine making, oil extraction and table olives processing.

In the museum there’s also a fair collection of bottles, cans, crates and cartons, used in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries for the marketing of the “Grande Tenute Pavoncelli” products.

Non infrequently, the evocative environments of the Santo Stefano company and the adjacent olive groves are chosen as location for the realization of cultural events, documentaries and movies, among which the noteworthy RAI production on the figure of Giuseppe Di Vittorio, the great trade unionist from Cerignola.